Best Cheap Soccer Cleats

Best Cheap Soccer Cleats: Top Picks & Comparisons!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

There are many sports and outdoor games that require tons of equipment, with much of it needing your credit card to have a fair sized credit limit to cover the costs. Golf and skiing are just two of the many sports that won’t cost you much less than $1000 to get started.

With soccer, you can get started without breaking the bank, and if you are on a tight budget there are still lots of options available to you. This includes your choice of soccer cleats which are the most important piece of equipment you need…other than the ball of course.

ProductOur RatingPrice
Dream Pairs 151028-151030 Men’s Sports Soccer Shoes★★★★★View Offer
Puma Men’s Evospeed 2.2 FG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer

How TO Choose The Best Cheap Soccer Cleats

Choosing the best cheap pair of soccer cleats requires every bit of as much thought as a pair of the most expensive ones. Even if your budget is limited it is still possible to buy a pair of high-quality soccer cleats with features which will enhance your skills, ball control, speed, and agility.

So it should not be a case of ‘they’ll do’ just because you are not spending hundreds of dollars on your soccer cleats.  The important factors you need to consider when buying your new pair of soccer cleats are outlined below.

What Position Do You Play?

Very few soccer players are aware that the sort of player they are, and the position they play require choosing a specific type of soccer cleat. Different positions in soccer rely on different skills, athleticism, agility, speed and grip, and no single type of soccer cleat can be the best for all of them. So, depending on your position on the soccer field here are some features to look for when choosing a pair of cheap soccer cleats.

Goalkeeper: You want maximum grip because a slip when you try to take off from your goal line can mean only one thing – your opponent scores!

Defender: Ideally a balance between a robust upper for protection when tackling opponents with excellent grip to ensure stability when clearing the ball.

Midfielder: Playing here means you run more yardage than any other position so getting cleats that are comfortable, especially with regards to the insole is vital.

Forwards: Speed and agility are paramount when playing as a striker or a winger, therefore a lightweight pair of soccer cleats should be sought, especially ones with the maximum kicking area on the upper for those powerful shots.

Are The Playing Surfaces Soft Or Hard?

One of the primary functions of a pair of soccer cleats is to ensure that the player who is wearing them stays standing. Countless injuries are suffered on the soccer field when the one leg bearing a player’s weight slips to the side or a player’s foot slides from under them just as they about to sprint. Hamstrings, groins, calf muscles, knee joints and ligaments are all at risk if your footing isn’t sure.

The key to this is having the appropriate grip underneath you in the form of the cleats or studs your footwear has. Unlike Racing Cars you won’t normally have a different grip for all weathers, so common sense should prevail by buying cleats that suit the surface and conditions you normally play on.

To make this easy, soccer cleat manufacturers have an agreed marking system to advise which cleat and grip configuration applies to which surface:

  • IN: Indoor: Used for indoor soccer courts and halls
  • AT: Turf: This is most suited for artificial soccer surfaces especially ‘Astroturf’
  • HG: Hard Ground: Used mainly in Europe and very similar to ‘FG’ or ‘Firm Ground’
  • FG: Firm Ground: Perfect for firm and mostly dry surfaces that see little rainfall
  • SG: Soft Ground: Metal or rounded studs used on softer soccer pitches with moisture on the top surface
  • AG: Artificial Ground: Designed for modern artificial soccer pitches such as ‘Astrograss’

Uppers Materials Define The Soccer Cleat

The uppers in soccer cleats come in a wide variety of materials, some natural, some man-made, and some a combination of both. In choosing you should consider durability, comfort, ball contact and of course price in terms of choosing a pair of cheap soccer cleats. Here are the main options:

Synthetic Uppers: Very durable, comfortable and of course waterproof which is important if there is a tendency for it to rain where you play soccer. Synthetic uppers are not as supple as leather ones so they may take a bit of time to ‘break in’.

Full-Grain Leather Uppers: Leather uppers are very comfortable, strong and very durable. The grade and suppleness of the leather will determine the price. The suppler the leather the more feel and ball control a player will experience.

Kangaroo Leather Uppers: It is more commonly called ‘K-Leather’. K-Leather is extremely soft and thin but on the downside not as durable as other leathers. Nevertheless, soccer cleats made from K-leather give superb touch on the ball and control

Goat Leather Uppers: Newer soccer cleat designs have started to use goat leather for the uppers. Very soft and extremely comfortable from the start.

Synthetic Leather Uppers: Each manufacturer has their own version of this sort of upper material. It seeks to combine the best qualities of synthetic in terms of durability, with the softness and suppleness of leather.

Recommended Cheap Soccer Cleats

Dream Pairs 151028-151030 Men’s Sports Soccer Shoes

The first review of the best cheap soccer cleats looks at Dream Pairs 151028-151030 Men’s Sports Soccer Shoes. They are shaped very much in the style of traditional leather soccer shoes but have plenty of the latest design features to make them suitable for the modern game.

The stitching used for these Dream Pairs soccer cleats is very distinctive. There are four double lines of stitching running horizontally across the toe section and then two double lines down each side of the front section. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly, it makes the upper very robust and durable in order that they last you for as long as possible. With regards to playing soccer, this stitching provides texturing which should aid control whenever you receive the ball.

A lightweight synthetic material has been used to form the uppers which give your soccer cleats flexibility and comfort whether you are running, turning or simply passing the ball.

Your comfort is further enhanced thanks to the inner shoe having padding which also serves to protect your feet when you are tackling or being tackled. To further the cause of protection even further, especially the front of your feet, the tongue is also padded, which will be especially welcome when shooting or clearing the ball.

The soles of your feet haven’t been forgotten as these soccer cleats have a cushioned insole to provide comfort. These insoles act like your very own shock absorbers when landing, especially on hard or firm surfaces.

On the subject of the surface, your grip is maintained by Dream’s soccer cleats molded rubber studs. These studs are especially effective when you need to turn or change direction quickly.


  • Robust stitching for durability
  • Lightweight upper to aid speed
  • Inner shoe and tongue are padded for protection
  • Cushioned insole to boost comfort
  • Molded rubber studs for enhanced traction


  • Lacing eyelets are weak
  • Not breathable so feet tend to sweat up

Puma Men’s Evospeed 2.2 FG Soccer Cleats

Puma’s catalog of sporting gear is one of the largest in the world and they cover a huge range of price points as well. In our search for the best cheap soccer cleats, we decided to check out their Puma Men’s Evospeed 2.2 FG Soccer Cleats.

A first glance there’s certainly no doubting the brand on these soccer cleats. The word ‘Puma’ is written large down one side. With a choice of colors including a very bright fluorescent yellow, you won’t struggle to stand out from your teammates wearing these.

These soccer cleats provide an impressive combination of lightweight flexibility with strong construction. This is achieved thanks to Puma’s bespoke ‘Speedcell’ design.

The upper is a smooth, synthetic material which gives enhanced flexibility and agility, two of the most important functions any pair of soccer cleats should offer.

The inner sock liner is removable which allows your feet to have greater contact with the uppers for premium touch and feel for the ball. To ensure comfort and provide a degree of protection the inner collar is lightly padded. The heel is designed to be a tight fit in order to give you improved turning speeds.

Puma Men’s Evospeed 2.2 FG Soccer Cleats come with mixed stud shapes with both conical and blades being utilized. This combination ensures you have grip whenever needed especially for changing direction quickly on grass surfaces which are firm.


  • Removable inner sock for enhanced touch
  • Lightweight synthetic upper for speed
  • Tight fit heel to increase turning speeds
  • Combination studs for maximum grip on dry surfaces
  • Padded inner collar for comfort and protection


  • Small fit so not suited for wide feet
  • Heel tab is low which limits protection

Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe

Our next review looking for the best cheap soccer cleats is the Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe. On first sight, these soccer cleats have very simple styling with just a main upper color and Adidas’s three stripes in the secondary color.

With the increasing tendency for soccer cleats being colored like pieces of abstract art, Adidas make a welcome effort to keep the look of these shoes nice and simple so we can concentrate on performance.

The emphasis certainly seems to be on ball control with these Adidas soccer cleats. The upper has very unusual, but effective, texturing which changes pattern in different sections of the upper and on the three stripes on the side. Touch and feel for the ball are aided by Adidas’s ‘Control Feel’ lightweight upper molding to the contours of your feet.

The lining is very soft and comfortable and padding around the rim of the inner shoe adds protection without diminishing any flexibility that these cleats can provide. The tongue is thin to promote agility although, without additional padding, protection of the front of the foot may have been sacrificed to achieve this.

Underfoot you should have no issue with retaining your grip thanks to the configuration of bladed cleats. Theses cleats are flexible enough to give traction on firm grass, hard ground and also artificial ground too which is a bonus.


  • Textured upper for improved ball control
  • Flexible cleats can provide grip on various surfaces
  • Plush lining for enhanced comfort
  • Lightweight for added speed
  • Padded inner rim provides protection


  • Thin tongue offers less protection
  • Lack of cushioning limits comfort

Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleats

Mention the name Lionel Messi to any soccer fan and you’ll bring to mind one of the most gifted and talented soccer players in the world. When you see his name associated with a pair of soccer cleats then you will surely be expecting something special. The Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleats have a stellar name so let’s see if they live up to it.

The styling and color of these cleats are certainly eye-catching especially the color option titled ‘Solar Flare’. It is, in fact, fluorescent yellow but we’ll forgive Adidas for a bit of poetic branding. Whatever the color is called, these cleats look stunning and this includes the under soles where the cleats and blades even look different from the norm.

The cleats and blades are aligned differently from most soccer shoes. They are triangular shaped but utilize different sizes to achieve optimum grip. The surface these soccer cleats are most suited to is firm and dry grass.

A lightweight synthetic leather has been used to create the upper and its ability to help your touch and feel on the ball is enhanced by the use of a micro texture on the surface. Unlike some soccer cleats, the texture is very supple and given that it covers the entire surface and not just the front, your ball control should be A1, whichever part of the foot you use

Another departure from the norm is the cushioned tongue which seems larger than you would normally expect on a pair of soccer cleats. This provides extra protection, and considering how many times Lionel Messi gets fouled, it is little wonder this aspect of the design has been included.


  • Synthetic leather material for durability
  • Micro textured surface for enhanced touch and feel
  • Extra-large cushioned tongue for protection
  • Unique blades design to increase traction and grip
  • Lightweight for agility and speed


  • Narrow fitting so may not be suited to wide feet
  • Not breathable so feet could heat up

Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Cleats

Our final review for the best cheap soccer cleats takes a look at the Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Cleats. As with many Adidas footwear products, they stick with the simple two-color styling; one main color for the uppers and their famous three stripes in the second color.

You will see the shape of these Adidas soccer cleats is very distinctive as the inner sock extends above the rim of main upper. This gives the wearer a snug fit and offers additional protection for this area of the foot. This collar-effect is completed by the tongue being built into the sock which should provide even more stability when running.

The upper is branded ‘Primemesh’ by Adidas and is manufactured with texturing across its entire surface. This texture should make ball control easier and give most players greater touch when receiving the ball. A further enhancement is the lace holes which are covered, so passing and shooting should be accurate when you strike the ball.

Traction underfoot is provided by rounded rubber studs with the advantage that these will provide good grip on both firm grass surfaces and artificial grass pitches.


  • Textured upper for better ball control
  • Rounded studs will grip both dry and artificial grass
  • Inner sock extends to provide snug fit
  • Built-in tongue for protection
  • Lace holes covered for better contact with ball


  • Not suitable for wide feet
  • Lace holes prone to tearing

ProductOur RatingPrice
Dream Pairs 151028-151030 Men’s Sports Soccer Shoes★★★★★View Offer
Puma Men’s Evospeed 2.2 FG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 FXG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Soccer Cleat★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer


When deciding which is the best cheap soccer cleats it would be tempting simply to choose the cheapest pair. However, our goal is to find the ‘best’ not the cheapest so our winner in this category is Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.3 Primemesh FG/AG Soccer Cleats.

These Adidas cleats offer extra protection and stability thanks to the extended collar and built in tongue. This is an aspect that many soccer cleat manufacturers often forget about so Adidas have hit the mark with this feature.

The lightweight textured upper provides an excellent surface for ball touch and control whilst the covered lacing holes should ensure anytime you strike the ball it won’t deviate from the direction you want it to travel.

Finally, the sole and the grip provided by the rubber studs is excellent with added bonus that they can be used on different surfaces. This is the icing on the cake as it makes these soccer cleats excellent value for money. You don’t need a separate pair for playing on artificial grass so you could say they’re twice the value.