Best Goalkeeper Gloves

Best Goalkeeper Gloves: Top Picks & Comparisons!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Goalkeepers rely on their gloves for many reasons but crucially they play a big part on how well they are able to stop their opponents from scoring. Our reviews of the best goalkeeper gloves will give you lowdown on what to look for in a pair of goalkeeper gloves and what to avoid.

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TimeBus Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★★View Offer
Brine King Match Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★★View Offer
Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★☆View Offer
KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Pro Keeper F.R.F Glove★★★★★View Offer

How To Select The Best Goalkeeper Gloves

The days when nobody wanted to play in goal and it was only poor outfield players that played there are long gone.  In modern soccer, good goalkeepers are expected to be able to control and kick a soccer ball with as much accuracy as the rest of the team. Ultimately, no matter how well they can kick the ball, a goalkeeper’s primary role is still to save or catch the ball with their hands.

To aid them in this task are the goalkeeper gloves they wear, and choosing the best pair needs to be done with care. The best goalkeeper gloves all have variable features that need to be considered so here is our look at the main ones.

Types of Gloves

Goalkeeper gloves are made to suit three main scenarios. They are match play, training and weather.

Match gloves are used for proper matches and are manufactured to give the most comfort, protection and grip possible. They need to be looked after carefully as they tend not to last as long as other glove types.

Training: These gloves are designed for novice players or for more experienced players on the practice field. They do not have as much grip as match gloves but on the plus side, they don’t need replacing as often.

Weather: If you need to play in windy or wet conditions, weather gloves should be worn. The palm area is made from latex which offers better grip when it is wet.


Goalkeeping gloves have four main areas and each of area fulfils a specific function.

Fingers: Your fingers are what you grasp and hold the ball with but they are also the most vulnerable part of your hand, so it is crucial that they have a sufficient level of protection. Your gloves should have a combination of plastic supports and padding which reduces the chance of strains or hyper-extension.

Palm: There are normally two textures used for the palm area of goalkeeper gloves: smooth and dimpled. Dimpled textures tend to be more durable than smooth due to the difference in the gripping agents used. For this reason, it is recommended you use dimpled gloves for practice. The gripping agent is stronger on smooth surfaces but as it tends to rub off this is why you should keep these gloves only for match days.

Backhand: This area is padded to protect the hand when goalkeepers punch the ball away. The thickness of padding will vary depending on the quality and price.

Closure: This is what keeps the gloves secure so it is another important feature. There are three types: bandage, hook & loop, and v-notch. Bandage works as the name suggests like a bandage wrapped firmly around your wrist. Hook and loop is made from an adjustable elastic strap. Finally, the v-notch closure can keep your hands cool as it allows more ventilation than the other two.

Palm Cut or Fit

This describes the cut or fit of the palm area with four types being used for all the best goalkeeper gloves.

Flat: The most common type, which sees the palm area made from a flat piece of foam. This provides hands more maneuverability within the glove which some goalkeepers prefer.

Rolled Or Gunn: The sides are rolled around the fingers and sewed to the back of them. This gives the palm a bigger surface area and a snugger fit.

Negative: With this design, the fingers are stitched from the inside to give the snuggest fit. This type is suited for female goalkeepers or male goalkeepers with thin hands.

Hybrid: A hybrid configuration combines any two of the cuts previously described.

Finding The Correct Size

Just as you wouldn’t buy soccer cleats without checking the size of your feet, the same can be said for goalkeeper gloves. You have no chance of being an effective goalkeeper if the most important part of your equipment is either too loose or causing you severe discomfort because they are too small for you.

To establish the size of your goalkeeper gloves, follow this simple three step process.

1) Measure the circumference of the widest part of your hands with a tape measure. This should be from the base of your little finger and across to between the knuckle and base of your thumb.

2) Round this up to the nearest whole inch.

3) Add 1 inch to the rounded number to determine your goalkeeper glove size.

An example is you measure 7 3/4, therefore round up to 8, then add 1 so your goalkeeper glove size is 9.

Recommended Best Goalkeeper Gloves

TimeBus Youth and Adult Goalkeeper Gloves

When trying to find the best goalkeeper gloves you should be looking for a pair which offers three main benefits; performance, comfort and protection. With the TimeBus Youth and Adult Goalkeeper Gloves, we have a product that serves all three so let’s see what they can do.

In terms of performance, and the gloves ability to help goalkeepers make saves, they have anti-slip latex in the palm area. This means that if you ever play in wet conditions you can still be confident of gripping the ball and holding on to it securely.

For comfort, you have the benefit of lightweight and breathable materials which will keep your hands cool and they are also very effective at reducing the amount of sweat on your hands.

To keep the gloves secure there is a double-thickness wristband which incorporates a Velcro and a stretchable strap for closure. This will also provide your wrists with some protection against the possibility of a sprain.

On the subject of protection, your fingers benefit from backing on each finger of the glove to prevent hyper-extension injuries. The latex which we mentioned previously in terms of secure grip, also has extra cushioning to protect the palms of your hands.

The gloves come in white with three color options for the trim, which are blue, red and black.

Finally, these gloves come with free extras which are a pair of wristbands and a pair of elbow pads, which will provide extra support in these two vital areas.


  • Anti-slip latex palm for secure grip
  • Lightweight and breathable to keep hands free from sweat
  • Thick wristband to secure gloves and support wrist
  • Finger save system to prevent hyper-extension injuries
  • Comes with additional wrist and elbow supports


  • Very tight fitting on larger hands
  • Finger saves not removable

Brine King Match Goalkeeper Gloves

Over the years many colorful characters have played in goal and with Brine King Match Goalkeeper Gloves, your gloves will quite literally add color to your goalkeeping too. We say this because one or two your options in terms of color and trim will definitely get you noticed on the field. You can have hi-vis green, white and purple, flame red and even silver and gold.

These gloves not only look good they perform well too, starting with the latex foam palm which will cushion even the hardest of shots when you save them. The thumb section is wrapped specifically to provide a better contact zone.

When you are making those fingertip saves there is always a danger of hyper-extension if you have insufficient protection. You can rest easy on that one as the Brine goalkeeper gloves have a backbone system built into the fingers to prevent any such injuries.

In order to keep the gloves secure and prevent any excess movement, the wrist cuffs, which are made from durable EVA, are elasticated.

Last, but certainly not least, for comfort, and to keep your hands cool and moisture free as possible the gloves are breathable to allow air to circulate, and heat to dissipate.


  • Latex foam palm to cushion shots
  • Wrapped thumb for optimum ball contact
  • Backbone finger protection
  • Elasticated wrist cuffs for keeping gloves secure
  • Excellent color choices


  • Tight wrist opening
  • More padding needed in fingers

Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves

If you are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves either for yourself or for a child then Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves may be the answer. They obviously come in adult sizes, but they are also available in child sizes which should fit children as young as 6 or 7 years old.

So now that we potentially have the whole family with goalkeeper gloves which fit them, let’s see what they have to offer in terms of performance.

One aspect of goalkeeping which is often mentioned as a problem, is hands over heating and becoming very sweaty. This not only makes hands feel uncomfortable but can also compromise the goalkeeper’s ability to make saves. Blok-IT goalkeeper gloves use a special breathable material which draws sweat away from the skin so you can focus on catching the ball rather than wiping your hands dry.

A padded backhand will cushion this area when punching the ball and the cushioned palm section is specially designed for maximum grip and optimized handling.

These gloves also have a stylish design and for those of you that have a favorite color, there are color options which include red, black, green and orange.

The keep the gloves fastened securely a high-quality Velcro wrist fastening has been incorporated into the design of these gloves.


  • Sizes available for all ages
  • Cushioned backhand for punching ball
  • One-piece palm section for better grip and handling
  • Securely fastened by Velcro grip
  • Color options


  • Stitching could be stronger
  • Not suitable in wet conditions

KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves

If you are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves that are suitable for both training and for use on match days then you should strongly consider KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves. They are specifically designed to be durable and stand up to the rigors of goalkeeping whether that is on the training field or the pitch when you are playing a match.

Firstly, the palms are made from two layers of latex. One is super soft latex and the second is foam latex which combines to give a premium level of grip and a high degree of shock absorption to cushion shots and protect your palms. To reduce the chances of your thumb’s movement being restricted this section of the glove is v-notch wrapped which improves maneuverability.

The cut of the finger section is rolled for the best all-around grip and, to protect the back of your hand, the back of the glove is constructed from cushioned latex.

To keep your hands from sweating up and becoming too moist the latex body of these gloves has a 3D mesh construction which allows ventilation to cool your hands to keep them nice and fresh.

In order to keep the gloves secure when you are playing, the wrist strap has padded Velcro which fastens securely around 360 degrees of your wrist. The wrist enclosure uses terry toweling to reduce sweat and to keep this area comfortable.


  • Extra thick cushioned latex on palms
  • Backhand cushioned to reduce impact when punching ball
  • Rolled finger section for best grip
  • Ventilated mesh construction to keep hands cool
  • Velcro wrist strap for secure fastening


  • No finger spines for protection
  • Can feel tight on wider hand sizes

Vizari Pro Keeper F.R.F Glove

If you are looking for the best goalkeeper gloves but at the same time want a pair that are simple, do the job, and don’t max out your credit card, then the Vizari Pro Keeper F.R.F Gloves should be right up your street.

The palm is a double layered latex construct designed to make your grip on the ball secure and your handling free from slips and spills. The palm is cushioned to protect the hand and make stopping well-hit shots routine.

Protection for the back of your hand and your fingers is achieved using 8 curved spines running through the interior of your gloves. This should give you the confidence to punch the ball clear when it is in the air without worrying about bruising the back of your hand or injuring one of your fingers.

We all know that keeping your gloves secure when they are being worn is essential for good goalkeeping and Vizari haven’t forgotten about this. These gloves are held on securely using an elasticated wristband and Velcro fastening so you can focus on catching the ball rather than worrying about your gloves flying off your hand.


  • Simple design
  • Double layer latex on palms for shot stopping
  • Cushioned palm to withstand impact
  • Internal spines to protect fingers
  • Secure elasticated wristband


  • No ventilation to keep hands cool
  • May feel tight on thicker wrists

ProductOur RatingPrice
TimeBus Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★★View Offer
Brine King Match Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★★View Offer
Blok-IT Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★☆View Offer
KixGK Club Goalkeeper Gloves★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Pro Keeper F.R.F Glove★★★★★View Offer


There’s a saying that goes, ‘You have to be mad to be a goalkeeper’, but we have a better one in relation to goalkeeper gloves. We say, ‘You’d have to mad to be a goalkeeper who wears inferior gloves’. Our winners of the best goalkeeper gloves are far from being inferior and were certainly the best pair we have reviewed.

They’re the TimeBus Youth and Adult Goalkeeper Gloves and we chose them because they provide goalkeepers with the best all round performance, comfort and protection of all the gloves we looked at.

They have lightweight, breathable materials which will keep your hands cool and moisture free. The grip is provided by premium anti-slip latex so any shots you save don’t squirm away or rebound to an opponent.

For the prevention of hyperextension injuries, the back of each finger has a spine to ensure this vulnerable part of your hand is properly protected.

Finally, the gloves are secure and stable when worn thanks to the stretchable, double-thickness wristband and strap.