Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Girls

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Girls: Top Picks & Comparisons!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Soccer playing amongst girls is one of the fastest growing sporting activities there is. Making sure they are wearing the correct footwear if they play soccer in a hall or court is important. Our comparisons of the top indoor soccer shoes for girls will help you to make an informed choice.

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Adidas Performance Messi 15.3★★★★★View Offer
Puma Evopower 4.3 Tricks Indoor Jr★★★★☆View Offer
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What Should You Think About When Choosing Indoor Soccer Shoes For Girls?

The number of girls playing soccer is increasing every year so the choice they have when it comes to choosing soccer equipment is significant. This means that, just as there are many products which will suit them, there are even more which will not. This is why we have put together a guide so that parents, relatives and coaches know what to consider when trying to choose the best indoor soccer shoes for girls.

Making Sure The Soccer Shoe Size Is Correct

It is vital that when you choose a pair of indoor soccer shoes for a girl that they fit her correctly. All children’s feet are prone to damage or pain from poorly fitting footwear and girls who play soccer are no different. Indoor soccer shoes that are too small may restrict growth and could cause bruising. If they are too big, they will tend to rub due to excess movement leading to blisters and sores.

Here is a simple checklist to help select indoor soccer shoes for girls that fit correctly:

  • Get the girl to wear thick soccer socks when trying on the soccer shoes for size
  • Check each foot individually as there is often a difference between left and right feet
  • Measure their feet when they are standing, not sitting
  • The best time to measure is at the end of the day as feet tend to be bigger at this time.
  • Allow about an inch of wriggle room from their longest tow to the front of the soccer shoe
  • Tie the laces tight when they try them on to eliminate excess movement
  • If you are struggling to check their size in store, ask for some help

Ensure Their Indoor Soccer Shoes Are Comfortable

Your child’s enjoyment of soccer will be severely curtailed if the indoor soccer shoes they are wearing are not comfortable. Although the size may be correct, other factors can affect how comfortable a girls’ soccer shoes are when worn.

The cushioning on the insole and tongue will help with this, as will the lining. Also, consider the different types of material used to make the upper as this can influence how well the soccer shoe feels when it is being worn.

What Sort Of Player Are They?

There are young girls, and indeed many older ones, whose aptitude and enthusiasm for soccer means they are already showing several skills and abilities to a high level.

This can mean that their coach has identified that they are suited to playing in a certain way, or more specifically in a certain position. If this is the case then the choice of indoor soccer shoes chosen for the girl should take account of this.

For girls who like the rough and tumble of tackling and defending look for indoor soccer shoes that have the most protection and good grip underfoot. Girls who prefer to play in a more advanced position such as midfield will rely a lot on their passing and control skills. For this reason, choosing indoor soccer shoes with uppers that give the best feel and touch are recommended.

If the girl these indoor soccer shoes are for, is someone who loves to score goals, then try to find them soccer shoes which are flexible, lightweight and have the best strike area for when they are shooting goalward.

Finally, we have the goalkeeper who may not always get the glory, but they are still very important to the team. Goalkeepers need very good grip and traction underfoot so look for indoor soccer shoes which provide this in abundance.

 Underfoot Grip Is Essential

Making sure girls can stay on their feet when they play indoor soccer is an important role of the soccer shoes they wear. Good grip not only makes them play better, it also helps to prevent girls being injured. One simple example of this is when they slip when tackling an opponent and accidentally twist their ankle.

Indoor soccer most likely will take place on either a hardwood soccer court or on an indoor pitch made from artificial turf. Soccer shoes for hardwood floors have rubber soles and grip patterns of all sorts on the sole. Those for artificial surfaces will also be rubber but instead of grip patterns they will have round studs to create the traction.

Finally…No Girlie Fads

Girls love to do and share things with their friends and that includes buying the same stuff. She might be pleading with you to buy her the same indoor soccer shoes that her friends are wearing but don’t be tempted simply to avoid an argument.

If they are suitable in terms of fitting correctly, comfort and grip then fine. Otherwise stick to the guidelines.

Recommended Indoor Soccer Shoes for Girls

Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

There are certain products that no matter what you might be told about their performance or quality, the look or design is enough for you to say ‘Yes, I’ll buy it’. We mention this because the Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoes have such a simple, uncluttered look that it begs us to ask the question, did the ‘Apple’ way of styling products have any influence on them.

They have a very sleek profile, with one color for the entire upper, and the only marking is a huge Nike tick running from the front to the back of the shoe. Now before you think we’ve abandoned our mantra of performance over style when reviewing soccer footwear, be assured we haven’t. However, it would not do these soccer shoes justice if we didn’t point out how stunning they look.

As for performance, Nike is on to a winner here with a micro-textured upper that allows players to literally caress the ball when controlling it. To keep the player’s feet stable when in contact with the ball, these shoes have an internal cage that locks itself around the feet. The result of this is better passing, shooting and control.

For comfort, there is a contoured sock liner and the insole provides cushioning for feet when jumping and landing. When playing on the hard flooring of soccer courts and halls, the rubber sole, with its elaborate tread pattern will ensure any girl playing in these Nike soccer shoes has all the traction and grip she needs.


  • Sleek, simple design
  • Textured upper for better ball control
  • Internal cage for premier stability
  • Contoured inner sock for comfort
  • Rubber sole and tread for grip on hard flooring


  • Limited padding to protect around inner rim
  • Low heel at back of shoe

Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes

Girls who love soccer will have their heroes that they want to emulate when playing indoor soccer. There are many great players, both male and female, but when it comes to iconic superstars there are few that are adored and admired more than Lionel Messi.

When we come across a pair of soccer shoes for girls that bear his name such as the Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoes it was time to determine how well they perform and if they could help girl soccer players improve their skills.

Adidas have branded the uppers on these soccer shoes as ‘Messitouch’. They are made from a synthetic leather material which provides a decent degree of durability, and in terms of playing soccer, the performance was impressive too.

The technology behind the upper is such that it is designed to mold to the shape of the girl’s feet when she is wearing them. This firstly makes them more comfortable but also adds the essential stability that is needed during a soccer match.

The all-important skill of ball control is catered for using two separate elements on the upper. First, there is the texturing that covers the front of the shoe. This will give girls a better surface with which to shoot and pass, plus give them improved touch to control the ball. The second element is 3D padding on the instep and outstep which gives a cushioned surface to receive and control the ball more effectively.

Playing on indoor flooring requires a reliable grip underfoot and this is adequately achieved with the rubber soles and tread that the shoes have.


  • 'Messitouch' upper for optimum touch
  • Upper provides stability and comfort
  • Textured surface for better ball control
  • Lightweight shoe to assist agility and speed
  • Rubber sole for best grip on hard floors


  • Lack of protection around inner shoe
  • Width size is narrower than standard sizes

Puma Evopower 4.3 Tricks Indoor Jr Soccer Shoe

If you are looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for a girl who has just started to play soccer then our next review looks at a product that should be suitable. It is the Puma Evopower 4.3 Tricks Indoor Jr Soccer Shoe and it’s ideal footwear for a girl learning to play.

Although these are geared towards beginners it doesn’t stop these soccer shoes having a very sleek and modern profile which will allow the girl wearing them to look every bit as much a soccer player as her other teammates. The other quirky aspect of these soccer shoes is that the left and right shoes come in different colors. We hasten to add that this is a feature relating to the look of the shoes and not as some might suspect, designed to help girls tell which foot each shoe is for.

The uppers are made from a synthetic material which gives the shoes durability and keeps them as light as possible. To encourage girl players when it comes to controlling the soccer ball, the upper has a quilted vamp which helps to cushion the ball when it arrives at her feet. This light padding will also provide a level of protection when striking the ball hard or shooting at goal.

To help with the comfort of the shoes there is light padding on the inner shoe plus the lacing is asymmetrical which closes the front of the shoe into a snug fit.

The underfoot grip is courtesy of the rubber sole and low-profile tread which is best suited for playing on indoor hardwood floors.


  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Padding on upper to aid ball control
  • Asymmetrical lacing for a comfortable fit
  • Sleek and fashionable styling and color
  • Low-profile tread for grip on hard floors


  • Limited protection around inner shoe
  • Not suitable for general use

Nike JR Mercurial Vapor XI IC Indoor Soccer Shoe (Pink/White)

When it comes to soccer fashion and colors we assume that not all girls want everything to be pink, but let’s be honest, there will be lots of girls who do. To keep them happy our next review is for soccer shoes which have pink and white colors, namely the Nike JR Mercurial Vapor XI IC Indoor Soccer Shoe in ‘Racer’ pink and white.

To provide as high a level of durability as possible, the upper is made from a synthetic material. To assist girl soccer players in improving their skills the surface has an embossed texture across its surface which is designed for better ball control. An important point to note is that the texturing covers all parts of the shoes so every part of the foot can benefit from this assistance whenever it is in contact with the ball.

The microfiber upper is also designed to mold itself to the shape of the girl’s foot when she is wearing her soccer shoes. This will give her more stability when she is passing the ball and more comfort throughout any soccer match she plays in.

To ensure girls have sufficient traction when running or turning on the soccer court, the rubber sole, and low-profile tread provide the best grip possible on hard indoor floors and surfaces. A further aid to her traction is the non-slip insole which stops the foot from excess movement within the shoe.


  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Textured surface to enhance ball control
  • Microfiber upper to improve stability and comfort
  • Non-slip insole for traction
  • Rubber sole for best grip on hard indoor surfaces


  • Sizes are narrow fitting
  • Lack of padding on tongue

Adidas Kids’ Ace 17.4 in J Soccer Shoe

When looking for the best indoor soccer shoes for girls it is natural that you’ll look at a lot of modern products with bright, fancy colors. Not that there is anything wrong with that as some our reviews show many of these soccer shoes are excellent. But to change focus a little we are now going to look at a pair of soccer shoes that look a little bit more traditional.

They are the Adidas Kids’ Ace 17.4 in J Soccer Shoe which comes in half-and-half colors with the obligatory three Adidas stripes on the side. They look and feel more like outdoor soccer cleats, and there is a version of these that can be used for outdoor play.

In terms of performance, the uppers are made from synthetic leather, which should ensure they are durable whilst feeling comfortable when being worn. The shoes have a mesh lining which helps to keep the child’s feet cool during matches.

To assist with ball skills, especially control and passing, the upper has texturing on the insole, outsole and heel. For the toe section, Adidas has used heavy stitching to create cushioned panels with which ball control should be easier.

Underfoot, Adidas have opted for a synthetic sole to provide the grip on the hard floors of soccer courts.


  • Simple, uncluttered design
  • Synthetic leather upper for durability
  • Textured sections for better ball control
  • Stitched padded front section for cleaner strike
  • Synthetic sole for grip on hard surfaces


  • Laces are rather chunky
  • Lack of padding around inner shoe
ProductOur RatingPrice
Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Performance Messi 15.3★★★★★View Offer
Puma Evopower 4.3 Tricks Indoor Jr★★★★☆View Offer
Nike JR Mercurial Vapor XI IC★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Kids’ Ace 17.4 in J Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer


Picking a winner from our reviews of the best indoor soccer shoes for girls wasn’t easy, as they all perform very well and give girls wearing them every opportunity to play better and improve their skills. In the end, we choose the Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoes, because not only are they a high-quality product, but they are also the most impressive looking pair of soccer shoes in this category by far.

The textured synthetic upper allows for girls to have a great touch on the soccer ball and assists them to pass and shoot with more power and accuracy.

In addition, these Nike soccer shoes have all the basics right such as comfort and good grip underfoot.

Taking all that together and the fact that any girl player will be happy to be seen playing soccer in these stunning looking soccer shoes makes the Nike Kids Jr Mercurial Victory V IC Indoor Soccer Shoes our clear winner.