Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes: Reviews & Top Picks!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

If you play soccer in a hall or indoor soccer court you’ll want to ensure that you are wearing the correct footwear. In our review of the best Nike indoor soccer shoes, we’ll show you what features to look for, what to avoid and help you pick the best pair.

ProductOur RatingPrice
Nike Hypervenomx Finale IC Indoor Shoe★★★★★View Offer
Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7★★★★★View Offer
Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Nike MercurialX Finale II★★★★☆View Offer
Nike Tiempox Genio II Leather★★★★★View Offer

Guide To Choosing The Best Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

Thankfully, soccer is a sport that can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. This is a great advantage especially if you live in an area with high rainfall or even where there are very few suitable outdoor surfaces on which to play soccer.  

Playing soccer indoors normally means you are playing on either a hardwood court or Astroturf. This means that the soccer cleats you might have for outdoor play will not be suitable for these indoor surfaces. The main difference will be in the sort of grip your footwear has, but there are other important considerations when choosing your indoor soccer shoes.

To make sure you are aware of everything you need to consider when choosing the best Nike indoor soccer shoes, we have outlined all the main factors for you.

Make Sure They Fit and They’re Comfortable

It may seem a totally obvious point but you’d be amazed how many soccer players compromise their playing ability or even their enjoyment of playing by wearing soccer shoes that fit poorly or create discomfort. Remember you’re likely to be playing for 60 to 90 minutes and the last thing you want for that period of time is painful feet.

When choosing the size of your soccer shoes it is wise to bear in mind that sports shoe sizes do not always match sizes for normal shoes. In addition, feet tend to swell slightly when you are running about due to the additional heat being generated. A tip when trying soccer shoes on for size is to wear a pair of thicker sports socks to replicate what you will be wearing when playing.

When thinking about how comfortable your soccer shoes are, remember that leather ones will stretch with wear, which can lead to loose fitting soccer shoes after a few games. Loose fitting footwear can be as uncomfortable as tight fitting so bear this in mind.

Consider How You Play

Playing indoor soccer requires most of the skills and abilities of outdoor soccer, so for this reason how you play, or more accurately your style of play should influence your choice of indoor soccer shoes.

  • Attacking: For goal scoring, the best types of indoor soccer shoes are those that give you the cleanest strike of the ball when shooting
  • Passing + Dribbling: These skills need soccer shoes which offer the best touch and feel for the ball
  • Defending: Durable soccer cleats which tend to give you better protection and support are recommended for defenders
  • Goalkeeping: Indoor soccer shoes with good grip underfoot and a high degree of lateral support are what you want if you are a goalkeeper

Get The Best Grip You Can

There’s no point in trying to play your best soccer if every time you go to kick the ball your feet slip from under you. It not only compromises your ability but can result in injury from sprains and strains. The reason for these injuries is the way in which excess pressure is placed on joints and muscles when one or both feet slip from under you unexpectedly.

Indoor soccer normally means you’ll be playing on one of two surfaces: hardwood or turf.

  • Turf surfaces will likely be ‘Astroturf’ and this requires soccer shoes with rubber soles which have a series of small round studs across the surface
  • Hardwood floors are what you’ll find in soccer courts and halls. Rubber soles with tread patterns on the sole are what your soccer shoes should have for this indoor surface

The Materials Make A Huge Difference

Your ability to play soccer can be enhanced by the materials which your soccer shoes are made from. The touch and feel help control the ball, the weight of the material can influence your speed and the flexibility of the material affects your ability to turn quickly. Materials also have an impact on the comfort and durability of your indoor soccer shoes.

Here are some of the characteristics of the main types of materials:

  • Mesh: A breathable and lightweight material so it offers comfort and aids speed
  • Synthetic Leather: Lightweight so it’s good for speed. Lacks the feel that real leather can offer players
  • Full Grain Leather: Very durable and gives players excellent touch on the ball
  • Kangaroo Leather: Offers the very best touch and feel of the ball
  • Calfskin Leather: A cheaper and heavier version of k-leather
  • Suede: The top layer of the leather is removed to give better touch.

Recommended Nike Indoor Soccer Shoes

Nike Hypervenomx Finale IC Indoor Shoe

Nike is well known for using modern technology and production techniques to produce state of the art soccer footwear. With the Nike Hypervenomx Finale IC Indoor Shoes, they have attempted to do just that so let’s see how well they perform.

For the upper, Nike has used a mesh synthetic material which incorporates ‘Flywire’ cables on the outside. The upper has a mesh construction to make it breathable, helping your feet to stay cool during play. The ‘Flywire’ cables are designed to give the shoe optimum stability, which every soccer player knows is important, especially on indoor soccer courts.

The surface of the upper has texturing across the entirety of its surface to aid ball control and passing accuracy. This texturing is more pronounced in the front section where you are likely to be in contact with the ball the most. Asymmetric lacing provides a larger and more accurate strike surface when shooting or hitting hard passes.

To make the shoes feel as comfortable as possible Nike have used a neoprene inner collar which seeks to contour itself to the shape of your foot. This gives a higher degree of flexibility so that any moves or turns you make are not hampered by excess movement within the shoes.

Underfoot your grip should be good, thanks to the rubber sole which is ideal for playing on indoor soccer courts and general street play.


  • Breathable mesh upper to keep feet cool
  • Textured upper for improved ball control
  • 'Flywire' technology for stability
  • Asymmetric lacing to give better strike zone
  • Neoprene inner collar for flexibility


  • Lack of protection around inner rim
  • Surface marks easily

Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7 (TF) Soccer Shoe

When you see the Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7 (TF) Soccer Cleats for the first time you can’t help but be impressed by their modern styling and profile. These soccer shoes certainly cannot be accused of being old-fashioned, and their silver-grey color certainly adds to the modern look that they have.

But good looks don’t equal performance so let’s if these Nike soccer shoes shape up when being worn during an indoor soccer match.

The upper is made from a synthetic material which has a texture across the entire surface. This should allow players to have a better touch when they control the ball and truer direction when passing the ball. With the front, sides and heel of these Nike soccer shoes all having the texturing, every part of your foot should benefit from better control whenever the ball arrives.

When the laces are tied, they create what Nike call ‘lockdown’ which is a fancy way of saying that the soccer shoe is secure around your foot. The benefit this gives you as a player is better stability when running or turning. The tongue is designed to enhance this further as it wraps around the front of your foot.

A contoured sock liner will provide extra comfort and add to the sense of your foot being enveloped by these shoes, in the same way wearing a pair of socks feels.

These Nike soccer shoes are best suited for playing on an artificial turf. The traction underfoot is optimized by using a synthetic sole with ‘Y-shaped’ studs across its entire surface. This provides both forward and lateral traction for movement in every direction.


  • Textured upper to improve ball control
  • Lightweight for speed and agility
  • ‘Lockdown’ for maximum stability
  • Contoured sock liner for better comfort
  • Synthetic sole and studs for secure grip on artificial turf


  • Very little padding for protection
  • Only one color available

Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe

For all the very modern looking soccer footwear available it is pleasing to see that Nike still produce a traditional looking indoor soccer shoe. The Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe has none of the fluorescent colors or bizarre markings that many of today’s soccer shoes have, but how do they compare on performance?

Although the upper is black and at first might appear to be leather, it is actually a synthetic material. It is a mesh upper so it is breathable and will help to keep your feet cool in the heat of battle.

The other big benefit of using this sort of material for the upper is it makes the shoes very lightweight and thus ideal for the fast pace indoor soccer is played at.

There is no distinct texturing on the upper but the mesh perforations and the stitching on the exterior of the shoes create sufficient contrast on the surface of the shoes to help with ball control.

To make sure the shoes are comfortable for players, Nike has used a die-cut EVA inner sock liner with cushioning in the heel section to dampen the impact on the soles of your feet.

The grip provided is enhanced using rubber soles with a grip pattern that is ideal for hardwood floors and general outdoor use as well.


  • Mesh upper to keep feet cool
  • Lightweight shoes for speed and agility
  • Die-cut EVA inner for comfort
  • Cushioned heel to withstand impact
  • Rubber sole for optimum grip on hard floors


  • Lack of texturing on upper
  • Small or narrow sizes

Nike MercurialX Finale II Indoor Shoes

Our next review brings us to a pair of soccer shoes which has Nike technology on the inside, the outside and everything in between! They are the Nike MercurialX Finale II Indoor Shoes and with the huge Nike tick running from toe section and down the side there’s no mistaking the brand.

A combination of synthetic materials has been used for the upper which is branded as ‘Nikeskin’. Regardless of the bizarre branding, on a practical level the surface of the upper incorporates horizontal ridges to provide the enhanced touch players are looking for from an indoor soccer shoe.

For comfort, there are concealed vents to help keep your feet cool during a match and there is a neoprene collar which contours itself to your foot to give you a secure fit. To advance the cause of your comfort even further Nike has incorporated a ‘Phylon’ midsole which provides enhanced cushioning without adding any significant weight to the shoe.

Underfoot you should have no problems keeping your feet thanks to the ‘Tri-star’ sole. This is designed to give traction in all directions as well as the flexibility you need when running on indoor soccer courts.


  • Synthetic upper with ridges for enhanced ball control
  • Concealed vents to help cool feet
  • Cushioned insole for comfort
  • Neoprene collar for stability
  • Tri-star sole for lateral traction


  • Very low heel lacks protection
  • Sizes are smaller than standard

Nike Tiempox Genio II Leather TF Soccer-Shoes

If you are someone who believes the feel of passing a ball with leather footwear can’t be beaten, then our next review will interest you. We are going to look at the Nike Tiempox Genio II Leather TF Soccer-Shoes, and as you may have already guessed, the upper is made from leather.

To be specific it is full grain cow’s leather rather than kangaroo leather which is a favorite of many soccer players, but nevertheless, it still provides a great feel and touch when playing the ball. To enhance that control even further there are a couple of chevron-shaped stitched panels across the toe section.

For comfort, these Nike soccer shoes use a die-cut sock liner which is designed to mold itself as much as possible to shape of the foot. This provides a greater degree of stability for when players are turning or running. Comfort is also the order of the day with the cushioned insole which seeks to reduce the upward pressure from the studs underneath.

Speaking of studs, these are incorporated into a rubber sole which is ideal for playing soccer on artificial turf surfaces. The studs are small and round to provide traction in all directions for players who like to turn quickly and get the best grip when they start to sprint.


  • Full grain leather upper for enhanced touch
  • Chevron stitching to help ball control
  • Die-cut sock liner for stability
  • Cushioned insole to dampen upward pressure from studs
  • Rubber sole for optimum grip on artificial turf


  • Lack of cushioning on tongue
  • Low heel tab
ProductOur RatingPrice
Nike Hypervenomx Finale IC Indoor Shoe★★★★★View Offer
Nike MercurialX Victory VI CR7★★★★★View Offer
Nike Davinho Indoor Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Nike MercurialX Finale II★★★★☆View Offer
Nike Tiempox Genio II Leather★★★★★View Offer


When you must compare products that all come from a sports manufacturer as good as Nike it is hard not to simply say, ‘They are all the best’, given how good their products are. Just as we saw one product edge ahead, we remembered something positive in another that brought everything back to parity.

In the end, and after a lot of thought, the winner by an edge is the Nike Hypervenomx Finale IC Indoor Shoe.

This footwear is ideal for indoor soccer as it is very lightweight, and has a degree of stability that is hard to beat. This is achieved using ‘Flywire’ cables on the outside of the upper.

For the enhancement of ball control, the upper has texturing across its entire surface and the asymmetric lacing is a great way to give players the biggest and best possible strike surface on the front of the shoe.

Add to these great features the comfort provided by the neoprene collar, the cooling mesh within the upper and excellent grip underneath, we have here a pair of soccer shoes from Nike that richly deserve to be #1.