Best Predator Soccer Cleats

Best Predator Soccer Cleats: Top Picks & Comparisons!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

If you are here it could mean you have not only chosen which brand of soccer cleats you want (Adidas) but also the specific product; Predator. In our review of the best Predator soccer cleats, we’ll help you to choose which ones are right for you.

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Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG★★★★★View Offer
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Adidas Predator Absolion Trx FG Soccer Cleats★★★★☆View Offer
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Adidas Predator Instinct★★★★★View Offer

How To Choose The Best Predator Soccer Cleats

There may be many factors you consider when choosing Predator soccer cleats such as styling, price and color, but in truth, these are not the most important. The reason is that none of these will affect how the footwear performs in terms of helping you to play soccer or keeping your feet safe.

Specifically choosing predator soccer cleats is a wise choice as they are made by one of the most respected soccer brands in the world, namely Adidas. However, there are other important features which you should also consider, so let’s look at them now.

Which Material Is used For The Upper?

The part of the soccer cleat that has the most crucial role is the upper, therefore the material used to make this is of paramount importance.

There are several types of material used for today’s soccer cleats, and each has advantages and disadvantages which you need to know about.

The upper is what influences ball control, feel, touch, the power of the shot, the weight of the footwear, protection and the cost of the soccer cleats. Synthetic materials have become more prominent over the years, but natural materials are still highly popular and sought after.

There are also some hybrid materials which combine leather and synthetic qualities, and Adidas are one of the brands which use this on many of their products.

The most popular materials used are:

Synthetic Uppers: Widespread use as it is generally cheaper to manufacture. Comfortable and durable but lacking the suppleness of leather, therefore the touch is less natural too.

Full-Grain Leather Uppers: Offer high protection and a good touch for the ball when controlling it.

Kangaroo Leather Uppers: This is normally called ‘K-leather’. Thinner than other materials so offers less protection. The big advantage is the premium touch and feel for the ball.

Synthetic Leather Uppers: A combo material which attempts to provide a balance of protection and good ball control. Most manufacturers use their own branded material

Find A Sure Footing

When playing soccer having a good grip underfoot has huge advantages for every player, from the goalkeeper through to the striker. Games can be won and lost following a slip from a defender or a forward losing his footing when about to score. No player can hope to play well if instead of concentrating on the ball, they spend the game worrying about their feet giving way.

Another important factor which good grip has a bearing on, is injuries. Sprains, strains and muscle tears can all arise from a player’s foot slipping at the vital moment. The result can mean you having to spend weeks with an ankle or knee strapped up and thus being unable to play.

To help choose the right pair of Predator soccer cleats, you must consider what sort of playing surface are you most likely to play soccer on. Once you have done so, you can refer to the two-letter grip codes which most soccer cleats have. This tells you what they are suitable for in terms of underfoot grip.

Here is the list of codes:

  • IN – Indoor soccer courts
  • AT – ‘Astroturf’
  • SG – Soft Ground
  • AG – ‘Astrograss’
  • FG – Firm Ground
  • HG – Hard Ground

Which Position Do You Play?

Most soccer players, especially those who play regularly for a team or club, tend to play in a certain position in each match. This should have a large bearing on the sort of soccer cleats you choose, as each position requires different skill sets and characteristics.

This fact means that the Predator soccer cleats you purchase should offer the types advantages your position will most benefit from.

If you are a goalkeeper or a defender, then your primary thought should be on the grip offered by your soccer cleats. The last thing you need in these positions is finding yourself on the ground having slipped, allowing your opponent to score an easy goal.

In midfield is where a lot of energy is used up, and a lot of running gets done. It is vital in these positions you wear soccer cleats that offer prime comfort for the whole game.

Wingers also do a lot of running and they rely on speed a lot too. Soccer cleats which are lightweight and comfortable should be the preferred option.

With forwards, agility and power are prime requirements so lightweight soccer cleats which allow for accurate shooting at goal, whilst offering a degree of protection are the ones to look out for.

Recommended Predator Soccer Cleats

Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG

A pair of soccer cleats that offers you best chance of controlling the ball needs to be checked out and that is exactly what we are going to do with the Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG soccer cleats.

The first thing to clarify is what the ‘LZ’ in this product’s name stands for. The answer is ‘Lethal Zones’ which is what Adidas claims these soccer cleats have. They even name them: Pass, Drive, Dribble, Sweet Spot and First Touch.

First Touch is the area across the front of the shoe and is used to cushion the impact of the ball instantly. Sweet Spot, are small ribs on the instep to maximize contact and thus your power when shooting. The Dribble area is on the outer step and should give better close control.

Drive is a large raised area across the front and side of the soccer cleats that seeks to generate greater power and distance. Finally, we have Pass which is on the instep, and as the name suggests looks to give precision passing thanks to its foam cushioning.

All of these zones are configured on a lightweight and comfortable synthetic upper. The comfort of the soccer cleats should be enhanced by the EVA sock liner and inserts plus they do not require much time to break in.

There is sound grip underfoot with the TPU plate providing stability and the normal seven plus four triangular cleat configuration, which is ideal for firm soccer grounds.


  • Lightweight 'Hybridtouch' synthetic leather upper
  • 3D ball control enhancement
  • Gel insole for advanced cushioning
  • TPU outsole for flexibility
  • Triangular firm ground cleats


  • Not as light as some soccer cleats
  • Very thin tongue lacks protection

Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct FG

If comfort is a high priority for you when it comes to choosing your soccer footwear then the Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct FG soccer cleats may well the answer.

The upper is made from a very soft synthetic leather material that Adidas call ‘Super 10’ which seeks to mold itself around the shape of your foot to provide the comfort you are looking for. To add to this, the inner lining is made from very comfortable Nubuck touch material. The inlay incorporates anti-slip inserts to try to add even greater comfort, and also reduces friction which can causes blisters and irritation.

For mastery of the ball, these soccer cleats utilize the well-known Predator control zones which seek to ensure sound ball control and accurate passing, no matter what part of your foot the ball is in contact with.

The TPU outsole is lightweight to allow for speed but strong enough to help enhance the stability and traction you will want when playing soccer. Grip underfoot is provided by seven cleats on the forefoot and four in the heel and are triangular shaped for the best possible traction in all directions on firmer ground.

The styling of these Predator soccer cleats is stunning with several color trimming choices available such as red, blue, and gold.


  • Soft synthetic leather for comfort
  • Nubuck material inner lining
  • Anti-slip inserts to reduce rubbing
  • Lightweight TPU undersole to promote agility
  • Firm-ground cleats for maximum traction


  • Longer 'break-in' period than some others
  • Narrow fit for those with wide feet

Adidas Predator Absolion Trx FG Soccer Cleats

If you are a traditionalist and are seeking soccer footwear made from leather, then the Adidas Predator Absolion TRX FG Soccer Cleats could be the product you are looking for.

Using a leather upper, you know you’ll experience a much different feel to the one a synthetic upper will give you. With the Adidas Predator Absolion soccer cleats this should mean a softer feel and more comfort. To provide another tool in your armory to aid control there is a compressed rubber section in the toe section which aims to engender more swerve on the ball when playing curve passes and taking direct free kicks.

To enhance the comfort of these soccer cleats Adidas have used an independent tongue, which means the fit can be adjusted to suit. There is a molded EVA liner, EVA anti-slip inserts and a Nubuck heel liner to complete the package of comfort measures.

The grip on these Adidas soccer cleats is designed to give maximum traction on natural surfaces which are firm. The sole is formed from Adidas’s own branded ‘Traxion’ technology. The principle behind it is to give players the best possible grip in all directions, but without placing any noticeable strain or stress on the feet.

The cleats underfoot are blade shaped with four on the heel and seven (4 + 3) on either side of the forefoot. There are two additional horizontal blades in the middle of the forefoot for maximum traction when starting to sprint.


  • Leather upper for maximum touch
  • Compressed rubber toe section for enhanced swerve
  • Independent tongue to adjust fit
  • Anti-slip inserts for improved stability
  • Bladed cleats for grip on firm ground


  • Small fit so may need size +1
  • Require leather care to maintain after each use

Adidas Predator Crazylight FG

If we are to believe the branding messages from Adidas, their Adidas Predator Crazylight FG soccer cleats distinctive design was inspired by the markings of a cheetah. Given that the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world then it is fair to say that speed is going to be the main objective of anyone wearing this soccer footwear.

The Adidas Predator Crazylight FG soccer cleats are made with a synthetic leather upper which is called ‘Hybridtouch’. It is designed to give players the comfort that real leather can provide whilst having the durability of synthetic materials.

Ball control is enhanced by the prominent rubber texturing across the surface of the forefoot and this should also give players the opportunity to place a good amount of curl or swerve on free-kicks and long passes. A further enhancement is a gel pad on the instep to give maximum cushioning when bringing down a high ball or trying to stop a firmly stuck pass from a teammate.

Underfoot, the grip is designed for play on a firm, natural surface and this is provided by the ‘SprintFrame’ outsole which provides a firm base for these Predator soccer shoes. The cleat configuration has four triangular studs in the heel, seven in the forefoot area and a single straight cleat at the toe tip.

Given that these soccer cleats are designed for speed, Adidas have surely enabled this by the fact that they weigh 33% less than some earlier versions of Predators.


  • Lightweight to promote speed
  • Textured synthetic leather upper for better contact
  • Cushioned pad for improved ball control
  • Sprintframe outsole for stability
  • Triangular cleats for traction on firm ground


  • Thin tongue lacks protection
  • Insole is rather thin

Adidas Predator Instinct Firm Ground Hunt Soccer Shoe

We mentioned earlier that soccer cleat manufacturers have their own versions of hybrid materials known as synthetic leathers. With the Adidas Predator Instinct Firm Ground Hunt Soccer Shoe, you get to experience one of Adidas’s versions.

It is called ‘Hybridtouch’ and has been developed to provide an extremely soft upper material. It incorporates a rather unique 3D rubber-like material which gives the player wearing them a distinct advantage when it comes to ball control. The upper also seeks to make passing more accurate and shooting more powerful thanks to the improved contact with the ball you should experience when wearing these soccer cleats.

Adding to the ball control is a gel pad on the instep which should provide enhanced cushioning when the ball is received and improved passing when giving the ball to your teammates.

For the practical aspects of the Predator Instinct soccer cleats, the traction underfoot is provided by triangular studs configured with seven studs on the front foot and four on the heel. These soccer cleats are designated ‘FG’ for use on firm ground, but they should also provide good grip on artificial turf too.


  • Lightweight 'Hybridtouch' synthetic leather upper
  • 3D ball control enhancement
  • Gel insole for advanced cushioning
  • TPU outsole for flexibility
  • Triangular firm ground cleats


  • Not as light as some soccer cleats
  • Very thin tongue lacks protection

ProductOur RatingPrice
Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Predator Absolion Instinct FG★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Predator Absolion Trx FG Soccer Cleats★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Predator Crazylight FG★★★★☆View Offer
Adidas Predator Instinct★★★★★View Offer


The reputation that all Adidas Predator soccer shoes have is very high so picking the best pair wasn’t easy. In the end, we believe that the Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG soccer cleats edge out the others.

They are lightweight so speed, which is essential for nearly all players, is enhanced not hindered, plus they have an excellent level of flexibility for quick turning.

Best of all is the 5 ‘Lethal Zones’ which all contribute to making this pair of soccer cleats one of the best at aiding ball control, passing accuracy, dribbling and shooting power. Some soccer cleats may cover one or two of these elements but any soccer player wearing these has the chance to improve all 5 of them.

That’s the advantage, or should we say the 5 advantages, of choosing the Adidas Predator Absolado LZ TRX FG soccer cleats.