Best Puma Soccer Cleats

Best Puma Soccer Cleats: Reviews & Top Picks!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

If you have already decided that the brand of soccer cleats you want to wear on the field is Puma then it is a wise choice. They are one of the most popular brands in the world of soccer and our look at the best Puma soccer cleats will help you choose the perfect pair for you.

ProductOur RatingPrice
PUMA Evopower 3.3 Graphic FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer
PUMA Attencio FG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Puma Evospeed 4.5 Tricks FG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
PUMA Universal R HG Soccer Cleats★★★★☆View Offer
Puma Evospeed 1.2 Mixed Soft Ground Soccer Shoes★★★★★View Offer

How to Choose a Pair of Puma Soccer Cleats

When picking the best Puma soccer cleats, you need to consider several different factors. There are basic ones like how much you can afford to pay and which colors or designs you prefer. These do not actually have any impact whilst you are playing nor will they make any difference to how much protection they give your feet.

The sad fact is that many soccer players will purchase soccer cleats, whether they are manufactured by Puma or not, for all the wrong reasons. The important factors that should guide your buying choice when buying a pair of Puma soccer cleats are those that do have an influence on how you play soccer, such as helping you to control the ball, assisting in your running speed, or giving sufficient flexibility to allow you to turn quickly.

There are also matters like the amount of grip they can provide on the surface you play soccer on, and your playing position in the team.

Let’s take at quick look at these and what you should be aiming for.

The Playing Surface and How To Get The Best Grip

Two important matters that rely on grip are your playing ability and your safety. Your ability will be helped or hindered by whether you can maintain a reliable grip on the soccer field. The confidence you gain from this alone will play a big role on how you are able to play.

Safety is the other factor, and this should always be a primary consideration. The consequences of losing your footing can range from a misplaced pass to several months on the sidelines due to a serious injury.

Soccer cleats have a two-letter code to indicate which playing surface they are designed to be used on. Always pick a pair that matches the soccer field you play on.

AG – Artificial Ground: ‘Astrograss’

AT – Artificial Turf:  ‘Astroturf’

IN – Indoor: Indoor soccer halls

HG – Hard Ground: Very hard, dry grass

FG – Firm Ground: Normal, dry grass surfaces

SG – Soft Ground: Soft/moist grass surfaces

Your Position Needs To Be Taken Into Account

The position you play has a bearing on the type of soccer cleats you should wear. Some rely more on grip and traction, others require speed. There are also factors such as ability to turn quickly, shoot with power, and protection when tackling. Here is a brief rundown of each:

Goalkeepers: Need excellent traction as they often have to run out from a standing start to clear passbacks.

Defenders: As tackling often involves firm impact, good protection is desirable.

Midfielders: Lots of running done in this position so lightweight soccer cleats are best.

Forwards: Also benefit from lightweight boots so they can turn quickly, or sprint away from defenders.

The Upper Materials Used Are Hugely Important

On a soccer cleat, the part which makes contact with the ball in most instances is the upper. It is at the point of contact where the ball is controlled, dribbled, passed, or shot towards goal. The better contact or feel for the ball a player has, the better they can complete all those actions successfully.

Picking a pair of Puma soccer cleats with the correct materials, especially for the position you play, is a vital part of giving you the edge on the soccer pitch. Pick wrongly and you will compromise your game. Pick correctly, and you have an advantage over your opponents.

The most common upper materials used and their characteristics are as follows:

Full-Grain Leather Uppers: Leather uppers are not only very comfortable they are durable as well. Leather comes in different grades so there can be variations in softness and suppleness of the uppers made from it. Leather is desirable if you play in a position where touch and feel for the ball are important.

Kangaroo Leather Uppers: This is normally termed ‘K-Leather’ and it is a very thin and a very soft material. This means it is less durable than others but this is compensated for by the excellent touch they give you when controlling the soccer ball.

Synthetic Uppers: Synthetic materials are well known for their durability and comfort. They don’t have the natural feel that leather can provide but they are very lightweight so ideal for sprinting and turning.

Synthetic Leather Uppers: All the big brands have a bespoke version of synthetic uppers, including Puma. They are intended to give a mix of the best features of leather and synthetics, which suits a lot of players.

Recommended Puma Soccer Cleats

PUMA Evopower 3.3 Graphic FG Soccer Shoe

If you like your soccer footwear to give you the optimum touch and feel for the ball then the Puma Evopower 3.3 Graphic FG Soccer Shoes might be the pair for you.

The upper is formed from a lightweight synthetic material which strives to give you the best combination of comfort and durability. It utilizes Puma’s own branded ‘Griptex’ print which is designed to offer enhanced ball control in both wet and dry conditions.

The lacing is an asymmetrical configuration which should keep the shoe snug around your foot whilst providing a generous surface across the front for powerful shooting and long passes.

Forming the core of these soccer cleats is a stable TPU outsole which allows for flexible maneuvering for players keen on fast spins, quick turns and speedy runs.

The grip underneath uses a combination of round studs and bladed cleats to provide the best possible traction on firm and dry natural surfaces such as your local grass soccer field.


  • Lightweight synthetic upper for comfort
  • 'Griptex' surface for enhanced ball control
  • Asymmetrical lacing holes for maximum striking area
  • Flexible TPU soleplate for fast turning
  • Cleat and stud configuration for grip on firm surfaces


  • Lack of cushioning on tongue
  • Very narrow fit

PUMA Attencio FG Soccer Cleats

In our quest to find the best Puma soccer cleats we were bound to come across a product that catches the eye with its looks before we even check out its performance. With the Puma Attencio FG Soccer Cleats we have exactly that.

They come in a bright white color, with stunning orange lines down one side of the shoe and a black and silver Puma cat on the other. Add to this some sleek black trim in the heel and it is fair to say Puma have created stunning looking soccer footwear with this design.

But as we are well aware it should be the performance of the soccer cleats that matter, so let’s put them to the test.

The upper is made from a synthetic leather material which means the fit is glove-like and certainly very comfortable. The orange lines and the Puma cat we mentioned above have practical applications as they provide texturing on the surface of the shoe to help enhance ball control.

Whilst playing in these soccer cleats the comfort levels are improved by the cushioning in the tongue, rim, and the insole which combined almost surround your feet in a padded wrap. The lacing is the traditional side-by-side configuration to help give you the best possible contact with the ball when shooting.

To add further to the package of comfort measures Puma have employed with the Attencio FG soccer cleats, they have used a breathable textile material for the inner lining, thus helping to keep your feet cool and sweat free.

Finally, the cleats underfoot are blade shaped and designed for optimum grip on dry, firm surfaces.


  • Synthetic leather upper for comfort
  • Embossed texturing to enhance ball control
  • Cushioning for added protection
  • Breathable lining to keep feet cool
  • Bladed cleats for grip on firm ground


  • Sizes tend to be smaller than equivalent shoe size
  • Laces are very short so awkward to tie tight

Puma Evospeed 4.5 Tricks FG Soccer Shoe

You may have heard the phrase about soccer being a game of two halves. With the styling of the Puma Evospeed 4.5 Tricks FG Soccer Shoes we have soccer cleats with two halves. The front half of the shoe is a single color, with the rear and heel in a second color with some criss-cross patterning. This effect makes the Evospeed 4.5 soccer cleats very distinctive.

They also have a traditional shape with the lacing configured centrally and symmetrically to maximize the strike area when shooting. The upper is made from synthetic material so these soccer cleats should prove to be durable and comfortable.

The uppers have a subtle texturing and ridging across the surface which should give players more chance of controlling the ball with all parts of their foot. The lightweight nature of this footwear will give players the chance to sprint and turn quickly without feeling their soccer cleats are hindering them.

To add comfort there is light padding around the inner rim and in the insole to dissipate upward pressure from the studs in the outer sole.

Speaking of the studs, these are configured with a combination of round studs and bladed cleats for optimum grip on firm, natural surfaces such as grass soccer pitches.


  • Lightweight synthetic material for comfort and speed
  • Textured surface to enhance ball control
  • Padding on rim for protection
  • Lacing configured for maximum strike area
  • Combination of round and bladed cleats for secure grip underfoot


  • Lack of padding in tongue
  • Not suited for wider feet

PUMA Universal R HG Soccer Cleats

To say that a pair of soccer cleats look traditional but are also quirky, might seem contradictory. The Puma Universal R HG Soccer Cleats are certainly traditional in the sense that they are black with white trim, and come with stitching that you may have seen 20 or so years ago. However, there are other features which are unusual to the point of being unique.

Let’s start underneath and examine the grip, which is designed for hard and dry surfaces. The cleat configuration is done in three sets of bladed cleats instead of the normal two. There is a set of four in the heel, a set of six cleats in the mid-section and a set of five in the toe section. That’s a total of 15 cleats which should give you the traction and grip you need whatever position you play in.

The upper is made from lightweight synthetic materials which should comfortably support your foot during play. Puma claims the upper to be abrasion resistant so it should endure the rough and tumble of many soccer matches to come. The stitching across the front sections and down the sides of theses soccer cleats gives added texture to promote ball control.

The inner collar has light padding to protect you, and the breathable lining material will help to keep your feet from overheating during the game. An insole with cushioning adds that extra bit of comfort by absorbing impact when you land after heading the ball.


  • Lightweight for maximum speed and agility
  • Stitched section to enhance ball control
  • Unique cleat configuration for optimum grip
  • Breathable lining to keep feet cool
  • Padded collar for protection


  • Sizing is smaller than standard
  • Low heel so limited protection at rear of shoe

Puma Evospeed 1.2 Mixed Soft Ground Soccer Shoes

We are conscious that a lot of soccer footwear is designed for use on firm and dry surfaces but what if you need a pair for softer ground? In searching for the best Puma soccer cleats, the Puma Evospeed 1.2 Mixed Soft Ground Soccer Shoes are specifically suited for soft conditions underfoot.

The upper is a synthetic microfiber material which is soft and comfortable when being worn. To provide a textured surface for enhanced ball control, Puma has used their own branded ‘Griptex’ technology which is a transparent 3D coating affixed to the upper.

The inner shoe is another branded development which Puma call ‘Everfit Cage’. Its purpose is to give players the excellent stability they need when making sharp turns along with the flexibility required to do so. The padded insole will provide additional comfort and relieve any pressure from the outsole.

With all the high-tech features from Puma, you’ll be pleased to know that the lacing is in the traditional central position to give you the best and biggest strike area when hitting the ball with the front of your foot.

Underfoot the sole plate is specially designed to be flexible in wet conditions so that your maneuverability is not compromised. The grip is provided by a combination of screw-in and fixed studs which are rounded to give the best traction on soft ground and wet soccer pitches.


  • Microfiber upper for comfort
  • 'Griptex' technology for enhanced ball control
  • 'Everfit' cage inner shoe for stability
  • Padded insole to cushion underfoot
  • Rounded studs for best grip on soft ground


  • Thin tongue lacks padding
  • Raised heel may feel unnatural to some players

ProductOur RatingPrice
PUMA Evopower 3.3 Graphic FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer
PUMA Attencio FG Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Puma Evospeed 4.5 Tricks FG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
PUMA Universal R HG Soccer Cleats★★★★☆View Offer
Puma Evospeed 1.2 Mixed Soft Ground Soccer Shoes★★★★★View Offer


In trying to pick a winner of the best Puma soccer cleats it would have been easy to be distracted by the quirky designs and styling that Puma use across their range of products. However, sticking firmly to the criteria of performance first. looks second, we have chosen the Puma Evopower 3.3 Graphic FG Soccer Shoe as our winner in this category.

They are a lightweight pair of soccer cleats which gives you an advantage when running against opponents who might be wearing heavier footwear.

The synthetic uppers have Puma’s very own branded ‘Griptex’ technology with printed texturing on the surface to help to promote good ball control and accurate passing.

The construction of the shoe is solid, but not at the expense of movement for players thanks to the TPU core, whilst grip underfoot is very good especially on firm surfaces.

Lastly, although we said the performance was the priority over looks, these soccer cleats do have a very sleek and appealing appearance that most players will appreciate.