Best Soccer Cleats for Girls

Best Soccer Cleats for Girls: Top Picks & Comparisons!

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Modern soccer is a sport that is played and enjoyed by millions of men, women, boys and girls. Manufacturers are increasingly producing as many ranges of soccer equipment and footwear specifically for females as they are for males. In our review of the best soccer cleats for girls, we’ll explain what to look for when buying this footwear and also give you our top recommendation.

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Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Vizari Retro Hearts FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer

What are the Crucial Things To Consider When Choosing Soccer Cleats For Girls?

For adults choosing a pair of soccer cleats can be a very practical exercise based on not so exciting matters such as surfaces and team positions. These can play a part too in choosing a pair of girl’s soccer cleats but given that children’s feet are still developing factors such as comfort and size should play a more important role in the decision. Here’s what to look for…

Correct Size is Paramount

When choosing a pair of soccer cleats for girls it is essential that the ones picked fit them correctly. Damaging your child’s feet by purchasing poorly fitting footwear of any type is a real possibility and soccer cleats are no different. If the soccer cleats are too big they are likely to get blisters as the shoes move around. If they are too small, then dangers such as ingrowing toenails and even bruising arise.

Here is our simple 7-step guide to making sure you get the size right when picking your girl’s soccer footwear:

  • Each foot should be sized individually as they can each be a different size
  • Measure your child’s feet at the end of the day as this is when they are largest
  • Girls should wear soccer socks when trying on soccer cleats
  • When measuring, the child should be standing up, not sitting down
  • Tie the laces tight to see if the soccer cleats have excess movement
  • There should be a thumb’s width of wriggle room from the front of the cleat to their longest toe
  • Get a professional to check their foot if you are in any doubt

They Need To Be Comfortable

You want your child to enjoy her soccer but this will only happen if the soccer cleats she is wearing are comfortable. When trying them ask her if she feels any rubbing or discomfort.

Also check the insole thickness, the sock liner, and the tongue as these all impact on how comfortable the soccer cleats will be. If they feel any discomfort on any part of their feet think carefully if these are suitable for her, or whether an alternative would be better.

What Type of Player Are They?

Lots of girls have advanced from simple kickabouts on the park to playing more organized soccer through their school or local club for example. If so, to enhance their enjoyment and more importantly to promote their development as a soccer player, choose a pair of soccer cleats that suits the way they play.

It is very understandable as a parent or guardian to want to protect the child as much as possible and therefore insist they wear soccer cleats which do everything to protect them, but nothing to develop their soccer skills. An example of this maybe a girl who loves to run down the wing with the ball and cross it. A problem arises if the soccer cleats she is wearing are so heavy due to thick uppers and padding that her running ability and speed is hampered, thus letting her opponent easily catch her and win the ball.

Consider whether the girl likes tackling, running, passing, shooting or maybe they love being the goalkeeper. With this in mind, lightweight soccer cleats are preferred for girls who run a lot, enjoy controlling the ball or love to shoot and score goals. The girls who like to being the goalkeeper or defender need to have excellent grip so soccer cleats which offer this are best.

Make Sure They Are Secure Underfoot

Some soccer organizations require that particular cleats or studs are used and in those circumstances, your choice of soccer footwear will be influenced by that. Younger players and players of flag soccer are often obliged to where rubber studs or grips

In most other circumstances you are free to choose soccer cleats with grips that suit the surface the girl is playing on. Most soccer surfaces tend to be hard or dry and therefore it is recommended that soccer shoes with molded plastic cleats are best. Often these soccer cleats can be used on other surface types but always check first.

No Following The Crowd

All kids love to copy their friends and girls will certainly try to persuade their parents to buy a pair of soccer cleats for them just because another girl in their team has them. Whatever you do, don’t choose your girl’s soccer cleats on this basis.

Stick to the guidelines above so that she is wearing the best soccer cleats for her size, comfort, and development, rather than a pair her friend has, that may be totally unsuitable for her.

Recommended Soccer Cleats for Girls

Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats

Often, when looking for the best soccer cleats for girls, parents will merely buy an adult pair but in a small size. The footwear may fit, but they are not designed for growing children. With the Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats we are delighted to see that this Italian sports manufacturer has actually incorporated some features specifically for children, and in our case, girls.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up by looking firstly at the stud configuration. For children, it is important that the pressure points from the sole are spread across the entire surface of their feet. Otherwise, the soccer cleats will not only be uncomfortable, but unwanted things like blisters can occur.

With these soccer cleats, Diadora provides fourteen rubber studs to ensure the pressure is spread, plus the rubber provides additional absorption when the child lands on the ground. Going further the heel studs are spaced slightly further apart too, to add to the child’s stability.

The upper is made from synthetic material which provides a durable surface for kicking and shooting plus a level of protection that every girl soccer player should have across her instep and toes.

The interior of the shoe has EVA cushioning in the insole plus a fixed cotton sock to keep comfort levels high.

A great finishing touch is a fold-over tongue which is secured by Velcro. This covers the laces for better ball contact plus adds protection for the front of the foot.

Conscious of girls having an eye for fashion Diadora have produced a range of colors that includes orange, green and teal blue.


  • Synthetic upper for durability
  • EVA cushion for underfoot comfort
  • Stud configuration to reduce pressure points
  • Fold-over tongue to protect front of foot
  • Choice of pastel colors


  • A lot of stitching can fray
  • Sizing is very small so check carefully

Vizari Retro Hearts FG Soccer Shoe

In the world of soccer, it is not often that you come across a product that the second you see it, you know it is designed exclusively for little girls. With the Vizari Retro Hearts FG Soccer Shoes, there is no doubt about it…these are for little girls. Why? Well, how many products do know that comes with lots of pink, white and blue heart shapes on them?

With pink trimming, under sole and studs, there’s no doubting that Vizari has gone after girl soccer players with this product. All good and well, but are they any good.

As you’d expect the uppers are synthetic and keeping with the design it has a very shiny finish. It’s almost too shiny in terms of aiding ball control but this is overcome by the cross-stitching across the toe section and also running down both sides of the shoe. It is certainly going to be durable and actually offer a good level of stability when worn.

The interior of the shoe is relatively basic although there is a padded heel and the collar is lined which adds to the protection these soccer cleats provide for the child’s feet.

Construction is surprisingly very sound not least because of the way Vizari have stitched and riveted the sole to the upper. The sole has rounded studs to which will provide good grip on firm grass and allow the child to run, stop, and turn with confidence knowing they shouldn’t slip.

We couldn’t finish without mentioning the heart shapes on the fold over tongue which we know girl soccer players will love…well some of them will.


  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Cross stitching to aid ball control
  • Rounded studs for optimum grip on firm surfaces
  • Fold over tongue to cover laces
  • Unique 'heart' design for girls


  • Upper looks plastic
  • Inner shoe padding is limited

Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleats

Our next contender takes us back to a traditional black soccer cleat with Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J Soccer Cleats. As always, the three white stripes are present with Adidas offering colored lining and laces which are blue for boys, and pink for girls. That being said we’re sure there is no rule which says girls can’t choose the blue ones, and on the same basis, boys could wear the pink ones!

The soccer cleats have been constructed with a synthetic upper, with stitched panels on the sides and rear quarter. These panels are designed to help control the ball better as does the texturing across the entire surfaces of the uppers. The toe section is uncluttered so striking the ball with this area of the foot will be clean and accurate.

Die-cut EVA cushioning provides the comfort underfoot within the interior of the shoe and around the rim, there is light padding to add some protection. The tongue lacks cushioning although it is big enough to cover most of that area of the front of the foot.

Underneath the shoe is manufactured using Adidas’s own branded ‘TRAXION’ synthetic sole. This provides sufficient flexibility underfoot so that player’s movement is not hampered when running, twisting or turning.

As part of the ‘Traxion’ sole, the cleat configuration has four large blades in the heel and nine smaller ones arranged in a three-two-four layout. This provides optimum grip on firmer ground such as dry grass soccer pitches.


  • Durable synthetic upper for stability
  • Textured surface to aid ball control
  • Cushioned insole to add comfort
  • 'Traxion' under sole for flexibility
  • Bladed cleats for grip on dry ground


  • No cushioned protection on tongue
  • Laces tend to snag easily

Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe

Not every daughter wants her clothes and more importantly her soccer gear to be all pink and girly. If this is the case with the girl you trying to buy the best soccer cleats for then the Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoes may be the answer.

They come in a very striking blue color with flame-like trimming on the heel and on the tongue. Some might say these are more the sorts of colors a boy might like but when you see kids playing soccer these days any color goes when it comes to soccer cleats as long as they can perform. On that note lets have look at them and see if they do.

Synthetic uppers are definitely more durable than most leathers so no doubt this is the reason Vizari chose synthetic material for these soccer cleats. The material they have used is extremely smooth and very shiny which almost makes them look plastic.

The cleats are well stitched across the toe section and down the sides plus the sole is also stitched to the upper for added durability. The stitching which crisscrosses across the toe section gives the girls wearing these soccer cleats an improved surface with which to control the ball.

The heel area is cushioned and the lining is padded but in truth to give maximum comfort here Vizari should have used thicker cushioning. To protect the front of the foot and add further enhanced control the tongue can fold over the front of the lacing.

Grip comes from the rubber sole and studs which are rounded. This set-up is ideal for playing on drier or firmer surfaces and will prove their worth whenever quick turns or speedy acceleration require the best possible traction.


  • Durable synthetic upper
  • Strong stitching provides texturing for better ball control
  • Fold over tongue to give maximum striking area
  • Rubber sole to provide flexibility
  • Rounded studs for better grip on firm ground


  • Should be more padding around inner sock
  • Rather narrow for wider feet

Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe

Vizari certainly doesn’t leave parents and their daughter in any doubt who their Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoes are designed for. They come in an all over pink color with blue trim, and in case you weren’t 100% sure, there are flower patterns on them as well.

So assuming your daughter likes pink and doesn’t mind flowers, let’s see if these come close to being the best soccer cleats for girls.

Vizari has used a synthetic material for the upper which should provide girl soccer players with a stable fitting shoe which is ideal when running and turning. The stitching runs in three double lines across the toe section and there are also two double lines running from the front to the rear of the upper. Given that the upper is very smooth these will provide the texturing that will help girls to better control the soccer ball.

To maximize the kicking surface of the shoe and help girls hit the ball truer, the tongue on these soccer cleats folds over the top of the lacing. The flower design that also appears on the tongue may provide additional style but we doubt if they’ll help any girl kick the ball harder.

The inner shoe has cushioning although we feel this should have a bit more padding around the rim to give the best protection and comfort possible.

The sole of the shoe is made from rubber and this should help keep the soccer cleats flexible enough to allow girls to run and turn without hindrance. The grip is designed for use on firm ground and the rounded studs have got grooves on their surface to add that little extra piece of traction.


  • Flexible but stable rubber sole
  • Rounded studs for grip on firm ground
  • Fold over tongue to enhance kicking surface
  • Stitching across upper to aid ball control
  • Synthetic upper for durability


  • Not as durable as some bigger brands
  • Lack of padding in inner shoe

ProductOur RatingPrice
Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats★★★★★View Offer
Vizari Retro Hearts FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer
Adidas Performance Conquisto Firm-Ground J★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Blaze FG Soccer Shoe★★★★☆View Offer
Vizari Blossom FG Soccer Shoe★★★★★View Offer


Choosing the best soccer cleats for girls needs a different focus when choosing for adults. To pick a winner good performance was important but we also need to think about practical issues such as comfort and protection. For those reasons, our top soccer cleats for girls are the Diadora Forza MD Soccer Cleats.

We love the fact that Diadora has actually thought about designing a pair of soccer cleats specifically for girls and taken into account their safety and comfort.

By distributing the studs across a wider area of the sole they’ve reduced underfoot pressure and the EVA cushioning and fixed inner sock gives girls the comfort and stability they require.

Clever little touches like the fold over tongue secured by Velcro are a great way to combine an element of protection with performance in terms of ball strike area.

Finally, Diadora gives girls an attractive range of colors to choose from, which not every soccer cleat manufacturer does.